MD Solar Sciences

Art Director - Designer


Creatives produced under the Neue Amsterdam creative umbrella. 

Responsible for and involved in the ideology, production and execution. Mediums: Responsive on desktop, tablet, mobile, email, social, including editorial and in-store display.


•    Reported to the critically acclaimed Neue Amsterdam Creative Director Robert Valentine. 

•    Directed and collaborated with designers, photographers, engineers and cross functional teams in MD Solar Sciences e-commerce. 

 •   Determined and set responsive UX and UI standards across all legacy mediums in the U.S, E.U and CA.  

 •    Formulated digital content including micro sites, landing pages, emails, social, paid media, editorial and in-store display. 

•    Managed creative timelines and workflow to encompass global scope and consistency.

•    Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and backend Logic programs.